Who I am. Who am I?

In reverse order … A public speaker. I work with the Green Burial Council of North America and North America Natural Burial to tell the story of green burial—what it is, where it’s going, and why it matters. I was founding president of New York’s first natural cemetery, Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve. Greensprings is atop windswept Irish Hill (that “windswept” bit is no cliché) and surrounded by 8,000 acres of protected forestlands 16 miles south of Ithaca, NY.

A community volunteer. I’m a member of my town’s Conservation Advisory Council. Danby (that’s my town) has oh, maybe 500 people living in the hamlet at its core with another 350 in West Danby, about six miles west as the crow flies, and thousands of acres of state forestlands and open space. But it’s a little too close for comfort to the nearest big town — that would be Ithaca. And Ithaca is growing. Which means — Danby is growing. Now Danby has accepted it first conservation easement, with a couple more in the pipeline.

A writer. Everything fascinates me: nature, science, the environment, people. You’ll find my credits in Audubon, The New York Times, High Country News, American Way, Utne Reader, and more. Then come back and take a look at my fiction. I’ll have some posted—soon. Granted, I’ve back-burnered the whole writing thing as I’ve amped up my public-speaker persona. But writing is my  love. I’ll be back. Someday.

Of course there’s more—but I’m still building this site, and I’m in no hurry. (Reminds me of how long it took to get running water in the house after we bought it.) Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy what you find here. Please don’t hesitate to leave me a note.

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