Who I am. Who am I?

A wannabe. Sums it up nicely.

Yeah, I’ve fancied myself (in reverse order) a public speaker. A nationally recognized green-burial advocate. A writer.

And those yet might come, though by now maybe I’m not all that married to the public speaker, green-burial advocate part. Not that I’ve lost my passion for green burial, but just that my life is way too complicated as is — and I’m equally passionate about a kazillion other things. It’s the rare  fascinates me.  While true, my livelihood is writing: I’m a part-time writer at Cornell University, where my program humors me by letting me get away with saying I’m a science writer despite flunking Bio 101 back in — oh, in the vicinity of 1967 or thereabouts.

But even more than green burial, I’m passionate about climate change. Habitat loss. Race. (As in racism.)


Note: I’m in the middle of editing this page, should you (to my astonishment) happen to land here soon.


Of course there’s more—but I’m still building this site, and I’m in no hurry. (Reminds me of how long it took to get running water in the house after we bought it.) Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy what you find here. Please don’t hesitate to leave me a note.

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