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I’d begun thinking I had this WordPress business down … and then I tried plunking a PDF of an unpublished essay into a page. Two days later I finally managed to upload it via Scribd.

All I remember about those hours of struggle are that the instructions worked great—until the designers blanked on some small step that we plodding hoi polloi couldn’t do without. Which is why every writer needs an editor who doesn’t know beans about the topic at hand.

Presumably you can find the PDF here … ack! Rather—so I’d hoped; I guess I have to figure out how to do internal links. Meanwhile, find it under about me | my bucket-list, aka Greensprings | burying one of our own.

Now, having given WordPress long enough to forget me and vice versa, I’ve decided to try a different upload—a foto I call Still Life With Chicken Feet. (Later I’ll tell how I came by those feet.) My friend told me I was going to gross y’all out if I dared publish this—but hey, I took my inspiration from a cooking blog: shared by 1,242, most of whom presumably weren’t

from the coop to the kitchen

To prep chicken feet for stock, drop them—briefly—in boiling hot water, then scrape away the skin with a paring knife. Place in kettle, cover with water, and simmer for about four hours. The foot on right has its skin still intact; the left-hand one has been skinned. Those golden curls in the middle—that's scraped-off bits of skin.