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Gee, I think it's a Cornelian cherry (Cornus mas to the horticultural in-crowd) — no, wait, on second thought, a hawthorn tree. (I took a lot of pix, fast. Thirty-six hours later I no longer knew who was what — and it was too dark to step outside and take a closer look.) Yeah ... a hawthorn. Crataegus. But don't ask me which species. Wild hawthorns are, if I remember aright, hard to pin down.

After such a long, long wait — having been through fall, and late fall, and really late fall, and, gee, an entire week of winter, then early early spring, then spring, then tearing smack-dab into summer already — well, I was charmed to wake up the day after Earth Day to eight inches of heavy, wet snow.

Black walnut and ash are always super-late to leaf out, so the black cherries on my land were about the only trees that really got walloped. Between feeding the chickens (the girls were having none of it — hungry as they must’ve been, they just glared at me when I opened the ramp to their roost) and feeding the stove, I grabbed my camera and flew around from one foto-opp to the next and barely made it down the hill to the bus.

So … my first chance to make a gallery is at hand. Let’s give it a whirl ….