While I mull over existential questions like, uh, do I really want the responsibility of a keeping a blog up and running, WordPress might have answered that for me. Because yesterday I wrote what I thought was my first post in four (count ’em) years — but when I clicked “publish” and looked at the site, the calendar was gone missing. The post was there, only it wasn’t a quite a blog post. Nothing indicated I’d posted it a mere moment before. On the other hand, it wasn’t really an article either.

During the past couple of months I’ve played around behind the scenes with which pages go where and in what order. Did I inadvertently tweak the blogging part of this site into oblivion? Did WordPress’s “improved posting experience” (don’t you just love marketing hype?) play a bit role? Of the two, the first seems more probable. Not that I can imagine how.

Thus this little experiment, crafted with yesteryear’s WordPress dashboard. Yesterday’s so-called post — will it vanish when this goes live? Should I bother with a preview? Oh, what the hey.

PS. What a cliff-hanger! Now, where did yesterday’s post go?